Zerkel Website

Welcome to the Zerkel website. Paul and I have been married for almost 9 years. Wow, time flies by. We started this website after a house fire that we had in 2007 that destroyed our house. Since then I graduated from college with an elementary education degree, we rebuilt our house and bought a classic motorhome.

Paul and I have been keeping very busy with church activities and working. I have not been able to find a full-time position teaching yet but have been very busy subbing in a couple of districts. Paul's job keeps him very busy and traveling a lot lately. Paul is active in the church as a church elder and being on the board at Lutheran High School. I am active in the church also as treasurer for Mary Martha Guild of LWML, Chairman of board of education, teaching confirmation and in the choir. Paul and I are both youth group leaders.

Other things we enjoy doing is refurbishing a 1978 GMC motorhome and camping in it. I always say it is a work in progress. We also are enjoying our new home. Paul is also working on his dad's old tractor getting it working again. He also works with his ham radio equipment and his in-house computer network. I enjoying using my Cricut machine and sewing machine. This summer my mom and I made a renaissance dress for VBS. Paul was also working on a project for the church using the midi on the church organ just in case we are in need of church organist Paul would do it via a computer.

Other than that we have enjoyed spending time together and watching the Big Bang Theory on Thursday night.